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A Spectrum of Duralar Coatings for a Range of Applications

Duralar Technologies provides the advanced deposition systems that apply our unique Duralar hard coatings; and these systems are designed to be installed in volume-production customer facilities. Through select Duralar-licensed partners we also provide Duralar-coating services for certain applications. If you presently offer commercial coating services and are interested in adding Duralar high-performance coatings to your repertoire, we’d like to hear from you, so please contact us.

A selection of Duralar coatings…

Our offering of Duralar hard coatings and DLC coatings provide a range of unique qualities that cover a broad spectrum of application needs…

Duralar WearGuard

In Duralar WearGuard coatings the metal component provides toughness, the diamond component provides exceptional wear resistance, and the combination delivers extraordinary overall performance. These Duralar coatings can be significantly thicker than conventional coatings, and they contain molecular diamond structures within the matrix to create an exceptionally durable material for numerous applications.

Duralar ArmorLube

The unique Duralar ArmorLube™ coating provides a combination of dry lubrication and exceptional hardness to enhance the performance of a range of metal products and parts in firearms, automotive, oil & gas and other industries. The coating is created from a proprietary carbon-based formula, with the carbon providing a natural graphitic lubricity and an extremely low coefficient of friction — less than 0.08. ArmorLube coating is well suited for applications that require a clean, dry, permanent lubrication — without needing oils or greases, which can accumulate dirt and cause fouling.

Duralar ErosionGuard

The Duralar ErosionGuard coating is a specially engineered multi-layer composite of metal and molecular diamond material. The coating structure is uniquely designed to maximize resistance to high velocity impact and minimize the effects of erosion.

Duralar CorrosionGuard

Duralar CorrosionGuard coatings provide multiple effective mechanisms for blocking corrosion. It has no porosity or pinholes, plus it is built up from multiple layers. The result is a much stronger barrier against the entry of oxidizing or corrosive agents. In addition, these coatings can be specifically tailored to different corrosive environments.

Duralar Decotech

The Duralar Decotech coating is a hybrid between a decorative coating and a technical performance coating. This hard coating provides a lustrous deep black finish for an aesthetically pleasing effect combined with outstanding protection against scratches and corrosion. It can be an ideal solution for a range of innovative uses in everything from fashion to firearms.

Duralar Internal

The high aspect ratio of this coating (>15:1) works well for coating smaller inside dimensions — for example, in rods and mud pumps for oil & gas, barrels and chokes for firearms, and pistons of all kinds in automotive and other industries.

InnerArmor Coating Technology

InnerArmor coating technology, originally developed by Duralar’s Sub-One subsidiary for coating interior surfaces, is a further extension of our metal coating capabilities. InnerArmor technology expands the available coating thickness range and is ideally suited for numerous applications in oil & gas, chemical processing, armament, automotive and many other industries.


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