July, 2016
Looking for Environmentally Friendly Hard Coating Solutions?

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Industrial coatings and coating equipment are among the thousands of products that keep consumers safe, even though the vast majority of people have never heard of them. And while most Americans couldn’t tell you the difference between abrasion resistant coatings and anti-corrosive DLC coating services, the companies that rely on them are facing increased pressure to be environmentally conscious. On top of that, there are strict regulations about the use of coating equipment.

Over time, many of the popular industrial coatings used today will break down, leaking chemicals into the environment and bodies of water. For instance, hard chrome plating poses serious risks to both the environment and humans, and Chromium-6 is officially classified as a carcinogen.

So what’s the solution?

While the words “environmentally friendly” and “industrial coatings” might not seem to go together, that’s only because you’ve never heard of Duralar.

The Only Name In Environmentally Friendly Industrial Coatings
First, some background.

Duralar is a proprietary technology made of a nanocomposite material that combines metal and diamond-based properties. This achieves the strength and performance of the best coatings, but without the toxic downsides. Even better, existing industrial coating companies like to boast that their product offers hardness second only to diamonds.

Duralar officially ups the ante. It’s a major breakthrough in the huge market for industrial coatings and coating equipment. In 2014, the most recent year data was available, U.S. companies sold 352 million gallons of industrial coatings at a value of $6.8 billion. That same year, about $2.3 billion in paint and coating products were exported, the highest in 10 years.

And now, companies looking for alternatives to toxic hard chrome finally have an eco-friendly option. Duralar is non-toxic, benign, and inert. Unlike other coatings, Duralar coatings pose no human hazards and generate no waste products.

Environmentally Friendly Without Sacrificing Quality
Not only does this new technology offer a number of environmental benefits, but it offers a number of performance advantages as well.

For instance, most coatings are applied with line of sight spray coating equipment, but not Duralar. That makes it perfect for application to three-dimensional surfaces, even on irregularly shaped features like screw threads that would normally pose a challenge for coating equipment.

Want to learn more? Keep exploring the website and you will see why Duralar is called the most advanced hard coating on the planet.