August, 2016
Hard Chrome 101: What You Need to Know

hard chrome replacement

Hard chrome plating and other wear-resistant coatings have been used for many years in a variety of different applications. Sometimes used for parts, different industries use hard coatings for a number of things. In order to fully understand abrasion resistant coatings and how they are used, you must first know what hard chrome plating is and what it can do.

What is Hard Chrome Plating?
It is chrome plating that has been applied several times to achieve a heavy coating amount for wear resistance, lubricity, oil retention, and other situations where corrosion is a concern. It is usually measured in thousandths of an inch and used for rollers, hydraulic cylinder rods, piston rings, and mold surfaces.

Knowing the Limitation of Hard Chrome
Hard chrome has limited corrosion resistance. As a result, hardness can cause problems in many different ways. For one, when under high-stress conditions, chrome coatings that are not aligned properly can experience spalling, pitting, and other failures.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of the coating. Some parts require three or four coats before a good enough coating can be achieved. Manufacturers from all over are now opting for hard chrome replacement. This is because of its improvements in reducing hazards, performance, processing time, and cost.

Hard Chrome Replacement in Action
One thing to note about hard chrome plating is that is can be used in a wide variety of parts and industries. Some of these examples include:

  • Aircraft hydraulic landing gear
  • Hot sections of gas turbines
  • Oil and Petrochemical industry
  • Pulp and Paper industry

Hard chrome plating has been in use for years and has proven to be a great, cost-effective asset that is also easy to apply. However, new research shows that hard chrome has significant limitations. Plus, the process in which it is performed can be toxic to the environment and humans.

Luckily, Duralar is an alternative that not only works but is harder and more durable. It is made of metal and diamond and can create thicker coatings faster than traditional hard chrome.

Now that you know more about hard chrome, including its uses and limitations, you are in a better position to choose the coating material that works best for you. If you are looking for a coating material you can depend on, consider Duralar and leave hard chrome in the past.